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110 - Memoir Writing: Let's Write your Life Story
Thursday, January 31, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Jessica Klein
USN - Room 1120
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Although the thought of writing a life retrospective can daunt even the most experienced writer, it becomes a very rewarding experience when undertaken step by step and in the setting of a writing group. Life-story writing is an excellent way to build community with like-minded people while engaging in a purposeful activity. Benefits of writing in a structured class include the guidance of a writing prompt, the coaching of a trained facilitator, the enjoyment of hearing the stories of others, and the power of writing and sharing one's own story to a listening audience. Often times, a memoir writing group is a place where the participants realize to what extent their lives are jewels that have been polished through time and experience and living. They begin to see the beauty and uniqueness that their life has represented and that brings a motivation and inspiration that may have lacked in the past. The goal of this introductory workshop led by The House of Words creative writing company owner, JESSICA KLEIN is to help the participants reflect on the most significant moments in their life’s story through a variety of writing exercises, and to then be able to give coherent and consistent structure and shape to the whole.

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