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412 - Using Your Noodle: A Cozy Night of Pasta with Corner Market
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Emily Frith and Sallie Swor
Corner Market Catering Co
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Anybody who knows food in Nashville knows--and loves--the Corner Market. EMILY FRITH co-founded the Corner Market with her husband Jim and after closing it in 2004, started the Corner Market Catering Company. Corner Market Catering may be a "new" business but they are still serving up the same flavors that made the Market beloved. Joining Emily to lead this class is another familiar expert Nashville chef, author, and blogger SALLIE SWOR. Sallie, parent of a USN alumnus, appears in cooking segments on Talk of the Town as well having written two cookbooks ("You’re Grown - Now You Can Cook" and "You’re Grown – Now You Can Throw a Party"). These two cooking buddies will teach you how to make your own ravioli, enjoy a marvelous Shrimp Pasta (a favorite at Talk of the Town), sample the Corner Market's famous Pasta Salad, and even enjoy an heirloom recipe for an old fashioned dessert. Age 21 and up.

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