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103 - Talking to Kids About Race in a Time of Racial Division
Monday, February 11, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Tim Wise
USN - Gordon Multi-Purpose Room
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Scholar TIM WISE leads this class for parents, on navigating difficult issues regarding race and politics with children of all ages, in positive, thoughtful ways. America is going through a period of intense social and cultural division, with issues of racial, ethnic, and religious strife at the forefront of national consciousness. Tensions over immigration, policing in black communities, and multiple acts of domestic terrorism from racist and anti-Semitic individuals and organizations dominate the headlines. These matters are difficult enough for adults to navigate and address; but for children and teens they can prove even more stressful. First, because young people so often feel helpless to change the problems they hear about, and second, because we as parents don't always have the skills to discuss these difficult matters with kids. Oftentimes parents wonder how to discuss--and at what age to discuss--issues like racism and prejudice with their children. Many well-intended parents strive for "color-blindness," with their kids, thinking that if we don't teach our children to see color or think much of it, all will be well. But the research says otherwise. Being blind to color leaves us blind to the consequences of color in America. What we need to instill in kids is a deep color-consciousness, which allows them to see the inequities, injustices, and biases that exist in all of us, and the larger society; and then, to commit to challenging them. This class will help parents navigate the difficult issues at play and provide the tools they need for discussing race-related issues with kids at all age levels.

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