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509 - The Easy Path to Cocktails at Home: Use Ratios to Make Dozens of Drinks
Monday, February 11, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Chris Chamberlain and David Paine
Class to be held at a private home.
Materials Fee:

It seems like everybody is into hip cocktails, and your home bar may be overflowing with artisan ingredients and cocktail recipe groups. Let the professionals help you out and make you look like a mixology master. Instructors DAVID "MR. MARTINI" PAINE and USN alumnus CHRIS CHAMBERLAIN of the Nashville Scene will walk you through setting up a basic home bar with less than a dozen staple ingredients and then teach you some simple ratios to remember that will allow you to combine those ingredients to make all sorts of delicious drinks. For example, did you know that a classic daiquiri, margarita, whiskey sour and a sidecar are all basically the same recipe with just a few easy substitutions. Once you learn these easy basic ratios, you'll be able to stop reaching for recipe books and just reach for the bottle. Plus you'll go home with some new tools and a handy cheat sheet.  Age 21 and up.

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