About Us

2019 USN Evening Classes Volunteers

Co-Chairs Anna Cramer and Joanna Hall
Catalog Writing Chair Doug Hoekstra
Cooking Class Placements Adele Simons
Instructor Reminders  Elaine Wenkoff
Beverage Delivery Coordinator Leslie Hudson
Social Media Carrington Fox and Joanna Hall

USN Staff Assisting Evening Classes

Evening Classes Administrator  Debra Alberts
Administrative Assistant Elwin Lian
Technology Coordinator Christopher Tuley
Classroom Logistics Marte Beaty
Communications Juanita Traughber
Socal Media Anna Myint
Facilities Support Erik Mash and Marte Beaty
Website Guidance Steve Smail
Graphic Design Jeff Goold

Additional Thanks

USNA President Tonia Klein
Beverages Lipman Brothers
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